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Anal sex with a young fatty from Lahore

By: Amjed Bajwa

My name is amjed bajwa am 30 years old now and consider myself a sex maniac. Till now i have had sexual relationship with 5 girls and some boys ranging in age from 10 to 15. I am mad after big fatties, with huge massive shaking hips and large boobs. I serf the internet for watching bbw sites and download clips and then masturbate. I get maximum sexual stimulation whenever i see fatties with huge shaking hips. I am a government servant and now posted in rawalpindi. Two years ago i was posted in lahore and there i had a chance of fucking a brilliant young fatty. This is a true story and no mere sexual fantasy. While there one day i wrongly dialed a mobile number and there was a girl on the other side. She told me i dialed wrong number but i managed to talk to her for 2 minutes in hope of seducing her. I told her i am a new arrival in her city and simply want to call her time to time to end boredom and loneliness. She didn’t like my idea and ended the call. But i continued calling her later on and then she grudgingly agreed to talk to me . Her name was sana and she told she was studying in ba in local girls college. She asked about me and i told her my name and my job description. I soon realized she wasn’t a particularly cleaver girl and she wont be able to sense my trap of seducing her for sex. We had long phone calls nearly one month . I then asked her to meet me, she agreed and we met her in a market near home . She was evidently impressed with my handsome face and my charming personality. But seeing her my lun began to get erect. She was near 21, good looking, fair in complexion and of average height. But she was a sex bomb, very fat and healthy, and having enormous sexual appeal. She had huge sexy round thighs and boobs quite bigger for her age and hips were broad, protruding, and massive in size. We met briefly for almost 15 minutes and i remained hot throughout and coming home i masturbated imagining her.. Later on whenever we had phonic conversation i praised he sexy body. She at start got offence but i managed to bring her round and then very cleverly brought her discussing nudity and sex. I told her of my interest in fatties and that i serf the net for watching naked fat girls and their sex. I wanted to arouse her interest in sex because i realized she was a complete novice in this field.

But i was a past master in seducing young girls. I aroused her curiosity in sex and sent her naked mms fuck pictures. With my greats effort lasting next one and half month at last i brought her to the point of telephonic sex. Now during my hot call i lured her to hold and fondle her breasts, hips etc and to finger her cus. With graded steps i managed her to get undress totally during calls . She now fingered her cus and massaged her naked boobs with cream or oil, while i masturbated lun massaging it with olive oil. She was fully involved with me. Time was ripe to bring her my home and i suggested and she agreed after my little persuasion. One day pretending as going to college she came to her college bus stop early morning . But there i stood waiting for her. She was in her tight college uniform and looking very sexy. We came by taxi and all the way i was looking at her fat, sexy things and had irresistible desire to fondle and touch her body. Part of her thighs was touching my body and my lun remained full erect all the time. We reached home and after i closed the door i suddenly held sana in my arms. She was taken by complete surprise and tried to resist and get out of my hold. But i was near mad now. She was more fat , healthy and sexy of all four girls i had fucked before. I was madly kissing her, my hands fondling her huge breast and i was feeling her bra and it was making me more hot. She was all the time saying choro na kiay kertai ho, then at last i freed her from my grab and took her to my bed room and we sat together on bed and i was again touching her thighs, breast and hips. Mera lun shalwar mai obhara howa lag raha aur. Sana was looking again and again fearfully at my raised shalwar. Aur ab main ne sana ko bed per lita dia and took her in my arms . But she started resisting saying battamizi na kero na. . But i kept her fully grabbed. I again began to fondle her huge breast and her round thighs, taking my hands to her huge hips too. Now i wanted to suck her naked breast and i took my hand towards her kamez and tried to raise it upward.

But she stopped me categorically. I realized she needs some of my other trick. So i told her challlo faties dikata hon, and she said chalo show me and then i switched on my dvd player and played naked movie. She said mera dil kaharab ho raha hai , but i said deko maza aai ga and she then kept watching with a bit of interest. Now my hands were at her breast and she was sighing heavily. I realized it was time to strike. Ab main ne sana ko bed per sidha lita dia and raised upward her kamez., sana ka pait bahoot sexy aur thora sa soja how tha , aur us ki deep set naaf be bahoot sexy thi. Aur phir main ne us kai pait ko chatna shoru ker dia . Then i further raised her kameez up and saw her hugest white breast in her large size black bra. Over half of her boobs were quite visible in her bra. She again tried to stop me going further, covering her boobs with her both hands , but main ne us kai bra kai oper sai us kai dono mamai nikal dia and laid straight over her. 22 sal ki umer mai. Sana had a unusually heavy breast , now out of her bra her boobs looked bigger than before and indeed very sexy. Her breast was round, huge and fully erect and i could see the blue veins of her breast. I began to suck her nipples one by one. Us kai eik mamai ko i held in both hands and sucked nipple so well then she began to moan with pleasure. Meri zaban us kai nipple say hothi hoi us kai sare mamai per jati, jaha say us ka mama shuru hota and pora suck kertai hoya zaban ko us kai mamai kay nechai tak lay ata. Us kai dono mamai main ne chat chat ker wet ker dia. For me she was a great feast, for many months i had been downloading bbw fatties from sex sites and masturbating and now a huge sexy girl was with me and i was tasting and enjoying her fat and sexy body to the full. Then she said ab bus kero na and let me drink water. As she rose and walked towards the fridge i got the great spectacle of her hugest shaking bottom. I just couldn’t control myself and held her from the back side and i dal lun in her hips and began to laga zor dar jhatkeay in her moti ghand . I held her mamai in hand and my lower body was moving to and fro and lun my going between her massive hips. She was enjoying as she stood quite without least world of protest. At last she said ab pani penai do and i brought cold drink for her.

After she drank , i told her to come to bed but she said smiling nahe mujai der lagta hai but i forcibly dragged her to bed and again started sucking her breasts. I again laid over her and then in shalwar i held my lun and phir main ne lun ko sana ki fat things main exactly cus kai nechai dal dia , and now i was taking double maza, sucking her white huge breast and choding her fat thigs below her cus. And then i asked a maza aa rahe hai, and she said in drowsy awaz, han bahoot. . I then lowered my shalwar and held my lun in hand and she said yar yai kia ker rahe ho , but i was very hot and said main condom charata hon, kahe tumhari unfirorm per na chot jaon , and she said ok.. Then from my side table i took condom packet and charha it at my lun. Sana was looking all with great interest. Now i laid straight over her and started sucking her boobs again. But then i took my hand below and lowered sana’s shalwar till her knees and holding lun in my hand i thrust it between her fat naked thighs just below her cus. Sana quietly saw what i did and then i began to chod her fat thighs and my lun was perhaps touching her cus too. It was a time of great sexual maza for both as she lay with closed eyes and allowing me all. In the same position we lay for half hour and then i ejaculated crying with pleasure. I then rose up and threw condom in dust bin. She also woke up and adjusted her shalwar and kamez. I went to washroom and then we took some food items and kept talking. After some time i began to get recharged and again took her to bed. This time she put no resistance; aur wo aram say merai sath bed per aa gai. Mai ne ub sana ko kamar kai bel litaya aur wo apni extreme moti ghand meri taraf nikal ker lait gai. Ab mai us ki kamez ko bahot oper tak lay gaya. Us ka sara pait , mamai or sari kamer nangi ho gai . Phir mai us ki alstic wali shalwar be sari utarne lag . She objected slightly but i was didn’t stop. Now she was 90% naked and mai ne lun us kai huge white hips kai bech mai ghusair diay aur jhatky lagane pai shoru go gaya.

Isi tarha kafi dair hum dono laite rahe aur mai us ko oper oper chodta raha. My right hand was at her naked boobs and i was touching her nipples and her both mamai bari bari. Sometimes i took lun out aur lun ko us kai hips pai pherta aur phir hips kai bech dal daitya. Ab main ne sana ko sidha kia . Sight of her huge white clean thighs and her swollen clean virgin cus was maddening me. Something impossible was coming to mind. Next moment i suddenly parted wide her legs and placed my mouth over her cus. It was all a surprise for her and she tried to stop me but i kept her firmly in that position and began to suck and lick her cus. I had till this time had only seen in naked movies men sucking cunt of girls and in many cases i had nauseating feeling and i couldn’t imagine that i would one day do the same but it just happened. There sana lay, apni fat thighs chori ker kai ,moaning with tremendous pleasure, and my head between her thighs , my mouth over her swollen virgin cus and my tongue liking her clitoris. I kept sucking her for almost ten minutes. And then she said bus kero ab and then i lifted me up and went to washroom to clean my mouth. I washed it with soap and then pasted it. When i retuned i saw her lying on bed and her fat thighs partially covered with kamez. My lun began to get erect again and i said to her, thora sa lun under dalanai do. She said pagel no bano, but i kept requesting but she didn’t relent, she said she wanted to retain he virginity till marriage. But then i suggested anal sex and told her there is no harm in anal . Seeing her silent i kept pressing her and then she agreed. I told her to remove her kamez , she as usual refused at start. I then tried to remove her kamez myself but she was wearing a very tight kamez and i couldn’t take it off, she said tum choro and then she herself removed it and she was in black bra only. She was really very sexy and healthy and in so young an age as 22 and then i told her to lie down in doggy position but she couldn’t understand and then i laid her in same position but she was lying very awkward and i lowered her kamar and asked her to raise her hips. Now in this position her hips showed more fleshy and broad.

Main ne us kai hips pai do teen thapar lagai aur us key hips ka ghost hilne lage aur main aur bhi gram ho gaya. I said buri moti ghand hai tumhari and she said laughing tumhare liya hi moti ki hai and then i touched and fondled her hips for some time. I was enjoying a lot and then i spread her huge fleshy hips apart and saw her ass hole. Then i lage thok at her ghand and she said kia kertai ho ,but i said pagel lun aise nae jata. I used my finger to spread my thok inside and she felt slight pain and then i went and brought vaseline cream . I applied the cream also at her ghand hole and lage more thok and now her ghand becme chikni and mulaim and then i applied some olive oil at my lun and at her ghand too. This was my experienced mode of entering my lun in virgin ghand of a boy or a girl. And it worked wonderful. Now it was time to enter my lun in her ghand , i stood now on carpet, adjusted my legs according to her hips and holding my lun in hand told her , ghand ko zor laga ker chora kero and she did and then i slowly with all ...
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